peru wedding traditions

Whether you’re planning for a Latin American wedding or maybe love all things Hispanic, you will find many unique and beautiful traditions to honor. Out of food to fun, the probabilities are unlimited when it comes to adding these elements with your special day.

Lazo service

During the wedding vows, a white bows called a “lazo” can be symbolically draped around the star of the event and groom’s necks to represent their joining along as one. To describe it in done by the couple’s padrinos, or perhaps god-parents. The bride and groom can also give the guests las arras, or thirteen gold coins that are intended to signify the groom’s promises to take care of his new wife and foreseeable future family.

Posting banns

It’s tradition for the purpose of couples to publish their banns, or become aware of of purpose to get married to, on a wall membrane at their church, that gives family and friends to be able to support the couple before that they wed. This could occur weeks prior to actual wedding date.

Money dance

When pinning money at the bride or groom may appear like a modern day angle on the old fashioned maid of exclusive chance and best man practices, it’s a popular activity by Puerto Rican weddings. Throughout this part of the night time, guests can easily dance along with the newlyweds whilst throwing $ bills inside their direction. Depending on the amount of guests, your money dance may last for 4 – 5 songs!

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